Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tv Spot: Nicki Minaj Makes Peoples Nightmares Come True!

Another Day Another Nicki Minaj Video *Kanye Shrug*

So What Did Ms. Minaj Do This Time? In Promotion For Her Perfume The Tv Spot Was Released Today, An Event Wich Will Make Most People's Nightmares Come To Life! I Guess Her Team Thought That We Just Can't Get Enough Of Nicki That A Giant Version Of Her Walking Around New York City With Her "Barbz" Would Make Us Want To Smell Like Her!

This Year Has Introduced So Many Crazy Perfume Ads From The Alien Spaceship From Planet Lady GaGa To New York's Giant Plastic Attack. I Don't Know What Makes Advertisers Think That By Scaring Us We Will Run Off To Buy Celebrity Perfume's!

*Sidenote: The Fame Ad Was Awesome But Had Nothing To Do With The Pefume


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